What Makes Us Different?

Discover the difference of a Catholic education at St. Thomas the Apostle School:


  • Students benefit from the daily study of Religion through age appropriate lessons that help them discover our faith.

  • The elements of Catholic Social Teaching are incorporated into all areas of the curriculum, allowing students to make connections between our faith and the world outside our doors.

  • School-wide monthly prayer services are held with each grade taking a turn leading our community in prayers and songs.


  • Rigorous academics in five major subject areas: language arts, math, religion, science and social studies, all of which are infused with the tools of technology and hands-on activities.

  • Weekly “specials” for grades K- 5 include: art, library, music, physical education and Spanish. Pre-K students enjoy weekly gym and library classes. Students begin attending science lab once a week in third grade; fifth-grade students attend science lab five days each week.

  • Differentiated learning allows teachers to get to know each child and his or her learning styles and abilities.

  • A vibrant extra-curricular program encourages growth beyond the classroom through clubs and activities that celebrate the arts, academics, athletics, and spirituality.


  • Community service projects organized by each grade allow students to put their faith into action by reaching out to those in need.

  • An annual school-wide service project allows students to experience solidarity with children living across the globe.

  • Organic vegetable garden gives students an opportunity to care for God’s creation and share the fruits of their labor with our parish food pantry.